Animal Wranglers 

Over 35 Years of Experience in the Film Industry

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Animal Wranglers International has the background and expertise to handle the most difficult and challenging jobs.

With over 35 years experience in wrangling animals for the entertainment industry,
e can get that seemingly impossible shot! 

We handle just about everything - from exotic animals to highly trained dogs and cats

We offer a free consultation service in order to identify and solve potential filming problems

We ensure that our animals are treated with care and compassion, on and off sets
You've seen our innovative work with countless types of animals in all forms of media

Major feature films - Cosmopolis (2012), Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004), Mimic (1997)...

Hit Television Series - Hannibal (2013), Panic Button (2013), Kenny vs Spenny (2010)... 

Documentaries - Flight of the Butterflies on 3D-IMAX (2012)...

Print photography - The Bay, Honda, Mastercard...

Television commercials - Telus Mobility, IKEA, McDonalds...and much more!
Prop Rentals

Jim Lovisek, founder of Animal Wranglers International, also  co-owns Fossil Realm, Toronto's premiere natural history shop. Fossil Realm sells amazing fossils, minerals and rarities, which are also available as prop rentals. Fossil Realm's latest addition is a giant Mosasaur skull
Giant Mosasaur fossil skull for sale | Fossil Realm
Giant Mosasaur fossil skull