Animal Wranglers 

Over 35 Years of Experience in the Film Industry

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Our experienced and creative wranglers specialize in making that impossible shot possible, with an incredible array of creatures: 

...everything from dogs and cats to exotic insects (butterflies, moths, tropical beetles, etc) and invertebrates (spiders, scorpions, centipedes, etc.), freshwater and marine fish, amphibians (frogs, toads and salamanders), reptiles (harmless and poisonous snakes, turtles, tortoises, lizards and crocodilians), birds (everything from chickens, parrots, African  crowned cranes to hawks and turkey vultures) to mammals (skunks, raccoons, deer, pigs, monkeys, llamas, bats)

Our trained biologist can provide valuable information regarding the appearance and behaviours of the animals you are considering. We can readily recommend the "just-right" animal that suits your client's needs.


We have trained animals for a wide variety of features films of different genres including Horror, Comedies, Action, Adventure, Dramas, Musicals, Science Fiction, and Westerns.

Whether  you need 10,000 American cockroaches crawling down a sewer pipe as in Guillermo Del Toro's Mimic or trained rats for a street scene of Hairspray, snakes in Cold Creek Manor, or trained turkeys, crows, lizards, monkeys, cats -- just name it, we can supply the handlers with the expertise.


The animals that we have trained are as varied as the shows they have appeared in.

In the remake of Alfred Hitchcock Presents we trained a Flying Fox (the world's largest fruit bat!), a Great Horned Owl, an Anaconda and a Caiman (South American alligator).

Whether you need a striking venomoid cobra (venom glands surgically removed- Kojak), a dozen giant scorpions (Peter Benchley's Amazon), a bird hatching from an egg in an actor's hand (The Helen Keller story) a raccoon invading a vacant house (Aftermath), we have the animals stars you're looking for.

Imagine flying a butterfly on an extremely thin leash and having it land on on a moving TV! We did it.

We once managed to make a Puffer fish inflate on cue on a mark in an aquarium. We designed a rig to repeatedly achieve the shot.

With years of experience in high speed digital filming, we have trained and wrangled everything from jumping frogs to running lizards to flying birds.


Our animal stars have been integral to the success of numerous multi-million dollar advertising campaigns.

From jumping African Pygmy goats to gorgeous Red Eyed Tree Frogs, from Duck Tolling Retrievers to unique cats, buzzing mosquitoes and brilliant butterflies -- we have the gamut of creatures needed for a successful and unique campaign.