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We carry a wide array of natural history props available for rent


Mounted Insects & Insect Collections

Our extensive collection includes countless rare and exotic specimens and thousands of beautiful butterflies. We also custom mount insects.

Museum Quality Minerals & Crystals

We have a huge selection of decorator minerals including amethyst cathedrals, quartz crystals, stunning polished labradorite, gorgeous celestite geodes, azurite, calcite, selenite, pyrite...and more

Museum Quality Fossils

We carry thousands of museum quality fossils, including giant ammonites from Germany, spectacular mammoth teeth, huge Megalodon shark teeth, fossil fish, petrified wood, fossil leaves, fossil skulls...and more

Fluid Preserved Specimens

We have a wide range of fluid preserved specimens in jars including insects, amphibians, reptiles, fish...and more

Skeletal Material

Including skulls, teeth, and assorted bones of a variety of vertebrates.

Esoteric Specimens

If you are looking for any strange, unique and difficult to find item please inquire -- we may have it or may we be able to get it
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Giant Fossil Fish
Real Mammoth Tooth
Celestite Crystals
Pyritized Ammonites
Skulls and Bones